Welcome to Lisle Township Strong!

Dedicated to the 2021 Lisle Township Republican Candidates

• Stronger community through increased partnerships with local charitable organizations. To more efficiently deliver aid to needy residents without additional bureaucracy.

• Stronger community through increased advocacy for seniors, including a partnership with DuPage County Senior Services.

• Strengthen the reach of Lisle Food Pantry through increased community awareness and a closer partnerships with charitable organizations such as Friends of Lisle Township. and the West Suburban Community Pantry.

• Stronger, Bigger Community Garden through new partnership’s with Park Districts and Community Garden Plot participants.

• Stronger, better services for unemployed residents through the Lisle Township Job Club and Strengthened partnerships with Local Charities such as the Career & Networking Center.

• Strong response and government distribution of Covid-19 Relief

• Stronger support of Mental Health needs & new partnerships with DuPage County resources as well other community partnerships.

• Stronger resolve for responsible spending and NO new taxes in this Township!